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    Peptide library is a systematic combination of different  peptides in large number.  It is a powerful tool for drug discovery, structural studies and other applications.  Solid phase peptide synthesis, along with other methods, has been successfully used to prepare peptide libraries.  



  1. to describe variations of antibody specificity (epitopes)

  2. to identify bioactive peptides

  3. to identify ligand-binding activities

  4. to generate synthetic vaccines

  5. to generate antimicrobial peptides, and to purify proteins, etc.  


Role of Solid Supports

    One of the advantages of peptide libraries prepared by solid phase is that the peptides can remain on solid support.  The target peptide can then be detected by standard immunological enzyme staining method and separated manually under a microscope to  determine the sequence directly.  Yao-Hong Biotechnology Imc. is happy to design peptide libraries to meet your specifications:

  1. on resin or off resin

  2. scrambled amino acids

  3. specific linkers

  4. dye-labeled

  5. other modifications

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