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New, research advancing products are available at Lumiprobe


The Phosphate CPG 1000 product is suitable for the synthesis of 3’ phosphorylated oligos up to 120 nucleotides long. Such oligos are widely used in gene synthesis and other applications.


Inverse electron demand Diels-Alder reactions between a tetrazine-carrying label molecule and a strained dienophile attached to a biological target are copper-free, fast, selective, and orthogonal to biological matrices. With PEG3 tetrazine, you can easily utilize this reaction for PEGylation of your target molecule, i.e. the addition of a hydrophilic triethyleneglycol unit.


The pure 5-isomers of ROX maleimide and TAMRA maleimide carry a thiol-reactive moiety for easy attachment of these fluorophores to SH groups within proteins, peptides or other molecules.


Pure 5-isomer of the bright rhodamine X dye carrying a dibenzocyclooctyne group (also known as ADIBO). The reactive DBCO group contains a strained alkyne bond for the conjugation with azides in Cu-free Click chemistry reactions.

Request free trial-size products of our new catalog additions in August 2019 via our feedback form or website chat and come to appreciate the quality and quick delivery of Lumiprobe reagents.

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