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BTNL2 (human):Fc (human) (rec.)

Cat. # CHI-HF-210BTNL2


Product Details
SynonymsButyrophilin-like Protein 2; BTN7
Product TypeProtein
Source/HostHEK 293 cells

The extracellular domain of human BTNL2 (aa 24-455) is fused to the N-terminus of the Fc region of human IgG1.

MW~74kDa (monomer)
Purity≥98% (SDS-PAGE)
Endotoxin Content<0.06EU/μg protein (LAL test; Lonza).
ReconstitutionReconstitute at 100μg/ml in sterile PBS.
FormulationLyophilized from 0.2μm-filtered solution in PBS.
Other Product Data

NCBI reference NP_062548.1: BTNL2 (human)

DeclarationManufactured by Chimerigen.
Shipping and Handling
ShippingBLUE ICE
Short Term Storage+4°C
Long Term Storage-20°C
Handling AdviceAvoid freeze/thaw cycles.
Use/StabilityStable for at least 1 year after receipt when stored at -20°C.
Working aliquots are stable for up to 3 months when stored at -20°C.

BTNL2 (human):Fc (human) (rec.)

  • Butyrophilin-like 2 (BTNL2) is a butyrophilin family member with homology to the B7 costimulatory molecules, polymorphisms of which have been recently associated through genetic analysis; to sporadic inclusion body myositis and sarcoidosis. BTNL2 mRNA is highly expressed in lymphoid tissues as well as in intestine. BTNL2-Ig fusion protein was shown to recognize a putative receptor whose expression on B and T cells was significantly enhanced after activation. It inhibited T cell proliferation and TCR activation of NFAT, NF-κB and AP-1 signaling pathways. BTNL2 is the first member of the butyrophilin family that regulates T cell activation, which has implications in immune diseases and immunotherapy.

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